Community work Cloughmills

We are guided by the need to have locally managed and sustainable solutions to issues identified by the local community. We believe that to have a truly strong and sustainable community the answers to local issues lie in the knowledge and experience of local people.

In early 2008 we consulted the wider community through a series of public meetings to help us draw up a 5 year Action Plan to address various local issues. As a result a number of projects were pursued over the plan period which included promotion of healthy lifestyles, biodiversity, energy efficiency, village appearance and support for local businesses.

We encourage intergenerational activities at all times and a cross-community approach through a mixture of social and practical work activities. To ensure that all interests are catered for we initiated various sub-groups focusing on youth work, older people, environment, health and sport and some of these groups are now free standing entities in their own right. All of these groups are organised by volunteers within the community.

In November 2011 CCAT was reconstituted as a charitable company, limited by guarantee, to give it more security, in the future, for entering into formal arrangements for acquiring interests in land and property, taking on employees and contracts for goods and services. All of the company’s trustees are unpaid volunteers, elected by its members, with membership of the company being open to everyone in the village. More information on the governance of the company is contained in the Annual Report and Accounts.

The activities undertaken by CCAT provide ample opportunity for anyone to become involved whether they live in the village or elsewhere – have a look at our volunteering section of this website to find out more.